Do you want to create more value for your clients and reach more people without having to devote more one on one time?

Content Creation, Strategy and Deployment

From eBooks to online courses, there are endless ways in which to package your services and expertise. And, as you can imagine, packaging your services/expertise has a direct tie in to your digital sales funnel offers.

However, it takes time to create a great online learning product, from the creative down to the technical execution and launch.

This will typically include:

  • Determine what content to package and how will you package it (ex., eBooks, webinars, video training series).
  • Determine how will incorporate this content into your digital marketing strategy and sales funnel.
  • Writing and design.
  • Choosing tools and services to deliver your package or online learning content that fits your needs and budget.

Online Course Support

This will typically include:

  • Course creation (such as content upload and branded sales page)
  • Course platform setup
  • Online course maintenance and administration (such as client/student setup and management)
  • Community management
  • Webinar support

If you are a traditional corporate eLearning business, I also have experience in this industry. I would love to hear from you too if you need support in LMS management and administration, developing learning methodologies, and editing and QA.

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