Digital Marketing

Do you you need ongoing marketing support? I work one-on-one with a limited number of clients on a per project or ongoing basis as a member of your team (even if that team is just you and me!).

Digital Marketing Strategy

This is the foundation of your online presence. Together we will clarify who your online target market is and develop strategies to convert them into qualified leads and customers. 

This will typically include:

  • Review of current digital marketing efforts and performance.
  • Competitor overview.
  • Define target market segments and targeting approaches.
  • Define brand positioning.
  • Identify your digital marketing goals and key performance indicators.
  • Identify your sales funnel possibilities.
  • Prioritise your digital marketing investments based on budget and goals.
  • Develop a digital marketing plan for future opportunities.

Online Sales Funnel Strategy

Think of your sales funnel strategy as your blueprint to help you generate meaningful leads and convert them into paying customers.

This will typically include:

  • How to build your online sales funnel – what tools to use and best practices to apply. What and where to automate.
  • Understanding your customer’s sales funnel journey and what process they use when evaluating your product or service.
  • Define buyer segments, what problems they want to solve, and how your offer helps them (your product/market fit).
  • Define your free, low-cost and premium offers.
  • How to work with sales funnel landing pages.
  • Possible traffic sources (example: social media campaigns and paid social media advertising to help your potential clients find you and your offer).
  • How to use email marketing to support your sales funnels.

Online Sales Funnel Creation

This is the nuts and bolts of your Sales Funnel, and a keystone in your Digital Marketing Strategy to generate leads.

This will typically include:

  • Lead magnet offer creation (free offer).
  • Tripwire offer creation (low-cost offer).
  • Core Product offer creation (mid-price offer).
  • Profit Maximizer creation (high-price offer).
  • Creation of sale funnel landing pages and opt-in forms.
  • Develop traffic sources such as: email marketing, paid social media advertising, display ads (ex, Adwords), and blogging.
  • Email marketing campaign development and setup.
  • Create social media campaigns and paid social media advertising.

Social Media Marketing and Management

Before you begin to drive paid traffic from your social media accounts to your online offer, you need to set them up and develop a social media plan. 

This will typically include:

  • Set up social media accounts based on best fit for you and your business (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+)
  • Branding for social media.
  • Content strategy, creation and curation.
  • Daily administration of accounts, analytics and reporting.
  • Lead generation and sales funnels using social media.

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